The Dream Team


Robin Sowell

Futurist - Talent Delivery

Robin brings a new approach to the process of acquiring talent with a focus on developing new ways of branding and attracting talent with diversity, inclusion and belonging strategies. Her background covers a range of industries in Bio pharma, Global Civil Engineering and Financial Services.



Futurist - Workforce Design and Human Experience

Tom is an expert in workforce optimization and planning, focusing on optimization and scale. Tom is currently completing his Ph.D in Operations Research at University of Pittsburgh and we told him we are not going to treat him any differently, just because he will have his Doctorate.



Futurist - Human Capital Operations

Angela focuses on improving back office, shared service operating models. We also think Angela has a the best sense of humor as she always laughs at our jokes.

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Futurist - Human Capital Visionary

Julia, thinks she is all that and a bag of chips, but to be honest there has not been much she has not done when it comes to all things human capital, from talent acquisition design, technology solutions, process optimization. With a global leadership[ background, she works with executives to maximize the way their people work. Angela focuses on improving back office, shared service operating models.

The Discovery

Simply put we get to know your organization. We uncover hidden strengths, eliminate / reduce weaknesses, confirm threats and assess for the future.  We dig deep!

The Outcome

After our team complete our discovery, we deliver our solutions and the way forward. We will outline efficiency gains, market leverage, cost benefit, revenue benefits and timeline for goal achievement.

The Plan

The natural next step is planning and execution. We either manage the project or function as key advisors to your team for execution. We guarantee a sustainable solution, which creates competitive advantage